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BCBC 8 BALL Pool League

League Rules  (updated 4/13/14)

       ( Changes are highlighted )





The BCBC Pool League was founded in 2009 to promote competition in a handicapped format, providing players of varying skill levels  an opportunity to compete on a level playing field.  The intention of the league is to encourage friendly competition, fair play, and good sportsmanship within all levels of playing skills, from beginner to expert.


League Responsibilities

1.   Provide a format for league competition that is organized and fair for all teams.

2.   Provide copies of the rules, and one red dot cue

      ball for each team. Cue ball must be returned to league if the team drops out of the league.

3.   Schedule all matches and playoffs/tournaments of league play.

4.   Maintain all records for operation of the league and statistics for team

      and individual standings.  

5.   Administer awards and prizes in accordance with the league criteria.

6.   Issue rulings for all protests and rule violations.


Players Responsibilities

1.   Maintaining membership in good standing in the league.

2.   Prompt payment of all established league fees.  Don't fall behind more than 2 weeks.

3.   Adherence to the policies & procedures of the league.

4.   Conduct at all league matches and functions becoming of a lady/gentleman.

5.   Keep a reasonable distance from the table when your opponent is shooting.


If an individual is asked to vacate the premises or is barred by the

management of an establishment, he/she will do so immediately and

will not be permitted re-entry without approval of owners and the league.


Team Responsibilities

1.   Ensure that your sponsoring establishment provide a proper playing atmosphere.

2.   Select & help organize the teams and members that will be representing that establishment.

3.   Provide at least one pool table for each two teams sponsored.

4.   Post all league schedules and standings and events.   

5.   Have the game tables ready on league nights.

6.   Provide, as a courtesy, one complimentary beverage for every member of the visiting team.

7.   Provide an “open table” or the necessary quarters for all league games.

8.    Play every player on your team at least once in the first 6 weeks of a session.

       After 6 weeks have been played, any player who has not yet participated will be

       removed from the team roster by the league for the current session only.



     A team captain and co-captain shall be selected by each team and shall remain

     captain and co-captain as long as they are acceptable to the team and the BCBC

     Pool League. Team captains must maintain a current phone number and address.

     Team captain and/or co-captain will attend all meetings scheduled by the league.

     The team captain shall be responsible for the conduct and attendance of his/her

     team in all league play, and for the prompt and complete payment of all players’ fees.

     It is within the captain’s authority to remove any player permanently from

     his/her team if that captain is able to furnish good and sufficient cause to the league.

     Failure of any player to submit player fees shall be deemed sufficient cause.

     The team captain shall distribute information to the team members regarding league



     It is the responsibility of the team captain to maintain the integrity and full

     membership of the team. Should a member drop from the team, it shall be the

     responsibility of the captain to find a replacement member, subject to the

     approval of the league. Rosters are open for 6 weeks.    No “team jumping.”

     In the absence of the team captain, the co-captain shall assume responsibilities of the captain.

     It is the captain’s responsibility to know that all players are at least 21 years of age.  

     If anyone is caught, his / her team will lose all games he / she played.

     It shall be the responsibility of each captain or co-captain to verify the rank of

     each player participating in a given match, and to verify the accuracy of the

     points scored in that given match.


     Team captains are responsible for verifying their players’ win/loss records. If

     there is a mistake you should notify the president or the person keeping the stats.

     Contact information is at the bottom of the "NEWS" page of this website.

     Team entry fees must be submitted to the BCBC Pool League at the Captain's Meeting

      before the next session so that scheduling con be completed.


     Team rosters will be adjusted through the first 6 weeks of the session. Additions

     and deletions of team members must be listed by team captains in the message

     area of your score sheet. No more than ten players can be listed on a team roster.

     At the discretion and agreement of the two teams captains, multiple matches

     may be played simultaneously, given the availability of a second table.  A player

     cannot be a coach for another simultaneously shooting player.



      No member of the league shall be allowed to engage in any wagering during

      matches and is cause for expulsion.



     Fall session - starts in August or September

     Spring session - starts in February


League Eligibility

     All members must be registered with the BCBC Pool League. The league will be a

     regulated league offering eligibility to those players who are amateurs.


League Finances

     Prior to the start of each session, each team will be required to submit to the

     BCBC Pool League $60.00 for a new or returning team.

     Player fees are $5 per player per match.

     Tardiness in the payment of players’ fees can lead to suspension of that team’s

     membership in the league, and forfeiture of that team’s right to any team or

     individual awards or prizes, or the right to participate in further league

     competition, play-offs, and tournaments.

     All teams are required to maintain a zero balance with the league. Failure to

     submit full payment of the above fees prior to the start of a session will

     disqualify that team from league eligibility.

     A $ 10.00 penalty fee will be imposed on teams 3 weeks behind in fees and must be  paid, along with all money owed before the team can shoot in it's next match.

      A team WILL NOT SHOOT in the play-offs if it is 3 weeks behind in payment.

      If your team is assessed 2 penalties for late payments during a session,

      you will be required to pay one-half of your fees for the next session up front to

      remain in the League.     

     In the event that a team or player withdraws without satisfactory reason or is

     expelled from the BCBC Pool League for sufficient cause all fees, dues, and prizes

     shall be forfeited.


All monies owed to the league can be left with the barmaid at the Conway Lounge if you're shooting there

(she has envelopes) or mailed to the following address:

The Conway Lounge

1016  13th Street

Conway, PA  15027




1.   Pre-game warm-up begins at 6:00 pm for the home team

2.   Pre-game warm-up begins at 6:30 pm for the visiting team

3.   League matches begin at 7:00 pm

4.   There are five (5) matches per league night play.

5.   Team rankings are based upon the number of matches won in the session.


Reporting Match Results


We now report the scores each week via E-Mail.  Make sure the League has a valid

 E-Mail address for you or someone else on your team.  Each week you will receive in

your E-Mail a form on which to report your scores and send them to the League.


If your opponent reports the results of your match and you don't,  we have no choice but

 to accept his /her report as correct, so make sure you submit your results so your

 players get credit for an 8 ball on the break, or a break 'n run.

Please report your scores ASAP.  The sooner we get all the reports,

the sooner we can prepare the stats for the next weeks' match.



1.    A player's handicap determines how many games he must win to win the match.

       For example:     a  "1" must win 5 games

                                a  "2" must win 4 games

                                a  "3" must win 3 games and

                                a  "4" must win 2 games


2.    Handicaps are based on a player's performance percentage as posted on the website.

       Individual handicaps rank from 1 to 4 - 1 being the highest and 4 being the lowest.

       Handicaps are computed as follows:

       A player with a  performance percentage of 67 or greater shall be a "1"

       A player with a performance percentage of 53 or greater, but less than 67 shall be a "2"

       A player with a performance percentage of 38 or greater, but less than 53, shall be a "3"

       A player with a performance percentage less that 38 shall be a "4"


3.    All new players will play a race to 3 games won (regardless of their opponent’s handicap)

      for their first match only.  After the player's first match, his handicap will be determined

      by application of the handicap system above ( Item #2).

      EXCEPTION:   If the new player wins 3-0 in his first match, he will shoot as a "2" in his

      second match, even though he will appear as a "1' on the computed stat sheet,  because

      no player will rise more than one level of handicap over one week's time.  After a player has

      played his second match however, he will be held to the handicap reported on the stat sheet

      for the remainder of the session.

4.    If a player has established a handicap in the BCBC League, and sits out for any number of

       sessions,  he or she will use the that handicap upon returning to the League.

5.    Keep in mind that this is intended to be an amateur league.  If your team brings in a player

       who has previously played as a pro or semi-pro and is recognized as such, your team will

       forfeit any match that player has participated in.

No Sharking Allowed

1.     When your opponent is shooting at the 8 Ball, in keeping with the spirit of good

        sportsmanship, please refrain from breaking down your cue (shooting or break

        cue).  This will be considered a GAME ENDING FOUL and your opponent does not

        even have to shoot the 8 Ball.  

2.      Also considered sharking is the act of returning to the table after your turn is over

         thereby interrupting your opponent.  Example:  Grabbing the chalk or rack, or going

         to the table to check on a frozen ball without announcing it to your opponent,

         constitutes a Ball-In-Hand foul. 


Cue Ball Frozen to Object Ball  

         If the cue ball is frozen to an another ball, hitting it straight on will result in a double

         kiss - a Ball-In-Hand foul.   You must raise your stick or shoot at an angle to allow the

         cue ball to glance off of the object ball and not back into your tip.  The opponent must

         call the ball frozen prior to the shot being taken.     Raising your stick in this case as in

         any other instance in this league is permitted as long as your hand remains lower than

         your elbow.

The “Nine Point Rule”

           At any given point in a match, the handicaps of a team’s players for all five

           matches must  total nine or more.  It must be mathematically possible at all times, given

           the handicaps of the team’s players, to reach a sum of at least nine, regardless of which

           players from that team are present. 

           Forfeiture of all five matches will result if this rule is violated. A Race-To-3 player shall be

           treated as a three (3) handicap for the purpose of  this rule.


Once a team (on paper) can't satisfy the 9 point rule, they forfeit all 5 matches.

In order to enable this team to play the following week,

the league will choose 5 players from

that team and assess those players a 3-0 loss

in order to lower their handicaps so the team can

satisfy the 9 point rule for their next match.


The winning team receiving the forfeit will have no changes made to their handicaps.


Example 1:   A team’s handicaps are 3, 2, 2, 1, 1, 1. In the first three matches, a

     one (1) handicap, a two (2) handicap, and a one (1) handicap are played,

     making their total four at that point. In the fourth match, they again play a one

     (1) handicap, bringing their total up to five.   Since no four (4) handicap is on

     their roster to bring their total up to nine, the Nine Point Rule has been violated

     and the team will immediately forfeit all five matches. Good sportsmanship

     should dictate that the opposing team informs this team that their player

     selection in the fourth match would be in violation of this rule.


Example 2:    A team’s handicaps are 3, 2, 2, 1, 1, 1, but the three (3) handicap is

     out-of-town. In the first three matches, a one (1) handicap, a two (2) handicap,

     and a (1) handicap are played, making their total four after the first three

     matches. In the fourth match, they play a two (2) handicap, bringing their total

     up to six. Since they have a three (3) handicap on their roster (which would

     bring their total up to nine), but is not present, they must forfeit the fifth match.

     No violation of the rule has been made.


Example 3:    A team plays three one (1) handicaps in the first three matches.

     They again play a one (1) handicap in the fourth match. Regardless of who

     remains on their roster, it is not possible for the total of the team’s handicaps to

     reach nine, so all five matches are forfeited.



Individual Scoring and Qualifying

     Individuals receive one (1) point for each match won.  

     Players will be ranked according to their performance percentages.

     Individuals must play at least five (5) matches per session to qualify for playoffs.

     The top sixteen (16) shooters (as ranked by performance) after the Fall and

     Spring sessions will play a single elimination tournament at the annual summer picnic. 

     Money awards will be presented to each team after each session.

     A $5 cash award will be awarded to players who get a break & run or an 8 on the break.

     Team captains should list the player on their score sheet.


Team player shortage or no show

     Official match starting time is 7:00 pm

     Forfeit time is 7:15 pm with a no call/no show rule in effect.   A team may start

     with one player present.  The next player must be present by the end of the first

     match,  or the rest of the matches are forfeited.

     The team causing the forfeit must pay for their players plus opposing team’s missed games.


Example 1 – team 1 has 5 players – team 2 has 4 players,

     team 1 pays $16 – team 2 pays $20,

     team 1 receives one point for the last match.


Example 2 – each team has 4 players – both teams pay $20,

     neither team receives a point for the last match

     If a team wins a game by forfeiture, the captain of that team may elect a player

     from his/her team to gain one match shot towards qualification for the playoffs.

     This does not affect the player’s statistics in any way.



     The forfeiting team should pay all forfeit money to the opposing team on the night

     of the match and note it in the blank area at the bottom of the score card.



     A picnic will be held after the spring session for all league members.

     A TOP GUN and ALL-STAR tournament will be played.

     Each team picks one player for the ALL-Star tournament.

     The TOP GUN players are determined by performance & ranking.

     To play in the Top Gun, you need only have played in the Spring session. 

     If a team has only 2 players at the picnic, and both are eligible for Top Gun, they must

     both shoot in Top Gun.

     If you decline to shoot in the Top Gun, you cannot shoot in the All-Star.

     A player cannot participate in both tournaments.

     A pool cue will be awarded to the "Most Improved Player" starting with the 2011 picnic.

     To be eligible for  the Most Improved Player" award, a shooter must have played more than

     50% of the matches in the last 3 sessions.

      A player cannot win the "Most Improved Player" award two years in a row.



     A  play-off will be held after the conclusion of the regular session.

     The play-offs will be conducted by a bracketing format including all teams.

     Trophies or plaques  will be presented to the final four remaining teams in the play-offs.



     Grievances will be made to arbitration board. Their decision will be final. 

     The Grievance Board members are:

      Rudy Plese

      Barry Weirich

      Ray Brooks


League By-Law Adopted

The following items will necessitate a 75% vote:

1.    A change to the 9 point rule

2.    A change to the handicap percentage system

3.    Reinstating a player who was banned from the league for initiating a physical 

       confrontation, sand bagging, financial issues, or any reason the league saw fit.


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